Tuesday, December 19, 2006


The past is a ghost, this very moment is all that exists, but how much do you let past desicions, circumstances or beliefs hold you back from fully embracing this moment????
To embrace the moment fully you must be following your heart, you have to let go of everything thats in your head thats holding you back from this moment, holding you back from following your heart
Fear, worry and doubt are not feeling of the heart, but boundries of the mind, boundries you put up and only you can destroy. The heart only feels , love, passion, happiness, hope. If you are letting fear stop you doing anything, you are letting your mind control your heart, to look inside, to face your fears ,your demons and to follow your heart, to embrace the moment , is the way of the warrior.

Everything that has happened in your life has been to prepare you for this moment

The past is there to learn from, to grow from. Past decisions, experiences are there to reflect upon and learn from, but they are not to bind us. To be bound by a past decision, or experience, or way of doing things when this is going against the grain of what your heart is telling you right now, is to be living in fear, but to follow your heart, that my friends is courage.
Following your heart, opening you heart to anything, can take great courage. In opening our heart to anything we have to face the fears of failure, of being hurt, of the opinions of others. But these are all illusions, we never really fail , only learn to succeed, defeat is not permanent, its only a learning experience, The opinions of others matter not, just let go of all that binds you, and experience the magic and the wonder of this moment, let go, follow your heart.

Let go of everything in you head thats holding you back from this moment

It best summed up in the metaphor of this story-

A young warrior girl, found a magnificnat stallion in the forest, the stallion was wild and free, but by showing the stallion her spirit, by opening her heart, the spirit of the stallion was shown to her (spirit of the thing itself) Upon the back of the great horse she rode through many lands, had many great adventures, she felt free, her soul flying, a life filled with passion, not just existing, but living every moment.
One day she was thrown from the horse, as she lay in the dirt, her body broken, fear crept into her mind, her heart told her to get back up, to get back on the horse, her heart knew this was her happiness, but her mind but the breaks on, bound her by fear, it made her remember the pain of being thrown , of lying in the dirt. She dicided she wouldnt get back on the horse, even though in her heart she knew it was her happiness, her mind bound her by fear.
As time past the feeling in her heart grew, she knew more and mor she wanted to get back on that horse, but her mind kept preventing her, she was bound by the past instead of embracing the moment and following her heart. Finally she realised she gave this fear, this confusion power in her mind, and she could take it all away, she let go of her mind, took a deep breath jumped on the horse, her heart smiled, she was home, the adventure continues.....

So many of us do this very same thing, we get knocked down or quit and we think thats it ,time out, that we cant get back on the horse, even though its what our hearts are screaming, we can always decide to get back on that horse, just let go of your fears, it just takes a bit of courage to make your heart smile.

We can look to the future and get excited, excited about possibilities, adventure, about life, we can imagine greatness, dream, see in iur minds and feel in our hearts just how awesome things can be. To to create a compelling future, the firts step is to act in this moment, to let go of whats holding us back in our heads and follow our hearts, embrace the moment
seize the moment!!!!


Blogger A. Justino said...

Men you can write! Amen to that...in every aspects of life, either is training, seeking dreams, wathever, what you've posted hold's a precious lesson. Keep up the good work!

10:45 PM  
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