Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I drift away effortlessly into the moment and everything that arises, every single thing is sheer beauty, I am mesmerised. But what is that makes me melt way into the here and now, what is it that reveals to me so much divine beauty?

Is it The amazing performance of the acrobats before me on stage, is it the colours spinning and twirling through the air, is it witnessing the human form move in ways that defy what the mind believes it can do? Or is it the sounds, the silence of anticipation, the faint beat of the performers’ heart that you can feel beat in time with your own, or the thunderous roar of applause?
Is it the heat I can feel surrounding me, the heat and life energy of all those that surround me, sharing this same experience, is it the electricity surging through my body now, is it the awareness of my own breath and heartbeat of those sitting next to me, is it the company I'm with?

Or is it the moment itself? Is it the still silence that holds all of this that is happening, that is holding this ever changing canvas, holding all of existence in its mighty paw, the no- thingness, that allows all this beautiful experience to be?

A few hours have past now since the magnificent experience of the Chinese state circus, with only a few hours of sleep, Dawn is just beginning to break.

I drift away effortlessly into the moment and everything that arises, every single thing is sheer beauty. But what is that makes me melt way into the here and now, what is it that reveals to me so much divine beauty?

Is it the Scottish wilderness I see as I pass through the mighty hills and mountains, is it the brilliant colours emerging from the darkness, reflected by the first shimmering of light, is it the strange but beautiful shapes cut away into the sides of hills and rocks by the master sculptor of nature? Is it the way the stream flows down from the hillsides echoing a brilliant shimmer of life. Is it the way a lone tree hangs precariously on the edge of a hill top, living and expressing fully each and every moment? Is it the soothing noise of the pouring rain outside of the car, the life pouring from the heavens , is it this time of day, on the cusp between night and day, where a small shimmer of the breaking sun illuminates the darkness, this time when the veils between heaven and earth are thinnest. Is it the silence inside the car, is it the beating hearts of those around me, the gentle rhythms of their breath as they sleep, is it the angel sleeping on my shoulder, is it the company I'm with?

Or is it the still silence of right here, right now that is holding all this… that is experiencing all this in a single moment through my eyes, this moment where I no longer know where the earth ends and heaven begins.

And it no longer matters what it is………..

We like to separate things, reality and non reality, form and emptiness, stillness and movement, spiritual and mundane, heaven and earth. But in reality, there is no such distinction.

Form is emptiness , emptiness is form- Heart Sutra.

What arises in the moment and the moment which holds it are two sides of the same golden coin, they cannot be separated, or categorised, they are each, one and other- only one.

Every single thing that arises in this moment, every single experience, every action you take, every thought you think, every feeling you have, every once of joy, every once of sadness, every single thing is a facet to the same brilliant diamond that reflects the most beautiful of all lights.
And that diamond, that brilliant diamond that holds within it an entire universe is your own heart, the light it reflects…..
Is you.

In the most serene stillness there is movement, and in that complete movement lies the most perfect stillness.

The Adventure Awaits………
David Kelso


Blogger Sirona said...

Hey David,
Your blog is awesome! It is really sensitive and flowing. I was so cool that you used my analogy in your blog..."two sides of the same golden coin." I'm very flattered. It definitely holds true--as above, so below!

Sirona Knight

3:45 PM  
Blogger gilesdm said...

Ok, so I seem to have found the exact opposite to my blog. (although, you are well stronger than I:)

Nice blog, nice posts and I enjoy reading them.

10:48 AM  
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