Sunday, March 04, 2007


The universe is speaking to us in every moment, in every experience, there is a message guiding you toward your own destiny in every moment, but since your own true nature is the universe, is the infinite, this is you speaking to yourself, you are guiding yourself, creating opportunities and events to help you along your way to your own chosen destiny.

'I am your own voice echoing off of the walls of god'- Rumi

Most people are too asleep to see, hear or notice these guides, and signs,they can come to you in the form of some inspired action to take, some intuitive hunch, it could come from inside of you you or from something that is seemingly external, but unless you are fully present IN THIS MOMENT you will be blind to it, you will see coincidence, you will see external circumstance, if you are living in the past or future you will fail to embrace the opportunities the infinite has created for you IN THIS MOMENT. If you are bound by limited beliefs, you will see negative circumstances created by some outside force that is greater than the force within you, IN THIS MOMENT you are the creative force. Everything happens for a reason, and you have created it, either consciously or unconsciously. You must find in EVERY MOMENT the best in every situation, treat it as if you created it, because in a way , you have.
Realise that -

'Everything that happens in your life is moving you in the direction of your goals'-Bob Proctor

We may be led in seemingly circuitous routes at times toward our goals, but we have to let go and trust the process of our lives, trust the universe, trust ourselves.
That opportunity that presents oneself, that intuitive feeling to take inspired action, that corner to turn, that letter to write ,the phone call to make, do it, relinquish fear and move forward with courage and faith. Do it now, IN THIS MOMENT, this moment will never present itself again!
The best way I've found to throw us fully into the moment is to face your own death every moment, realise the reaper can take you at anytime, YOU do not have a say, all that exists is this moment.
If you knew you were going to die in the next 30 minutes, what would you do? what action would you take you've been putting off? who would you spend it with? who would you call? How would you embrace your last moments of this life?
It is facing this that brings our full attention into THIS MOMENT, face your own death and be liberated from it. Do not be ignorant to the fact that this maybe your time, this is not a sad thought, but rather one that once faced and embraced in every moment lets us see this life for the gift it is, look for the signs, they will guide you, what will you do IN THIS MOMENT?

What drove me to write this article?
Inspired action of course! Live it

David Kelso

The adventure awaits....

Live it


Blogger Ky said...

Hi David,

well i found this page on "accident", looking for the Rumi qoute actually but as soon as i read one line i knew it was exactly what was on my mind at the time - i have recently found that the way to attain something in the environment is to have it already firmly established in the mind - it is a Law of nature that a Buddhist once called "Esho Funi" or the oneness of environment and mind, that your environment is a reflection of your mind. your blog was a good reminder that being in the moment, as opposed to the future, is vital. thank you

2:49 AM  
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