Monday, March 26, 2007



Immerse yourself in whatever it is you choose to do, follow you bliss
Immersion in that which you love is an extremely powerful uplifting experience, Here in this place, you find your own spirit and the spirit of the thing itself will be revealed to you, but only by dedication to that which you do, and then , become.
Your life situation could be feeling bad or pressured around you, but by immersion in what you love, spirit is brought forward, everything feels alive, you find your peace and centre once again.
I am eternally grateful to the activities i love, to Parkour, no matter whats going on around me, the city is always there, the urban jungle, and nature. Here i climb, i run, i swing, free flowing self expression, unlimited movement, the city is my playground, a simple wall becomes my best friend, it tests me, how graceful can i pass, how artistic can i move, the city looks different to me, than to others, others see boundaries, i only see movement, expression, freedom. I climb to the highest points, beauty, peace, stillness. I am never alone for the city is always there for me, the urban jungle calls me into her lap. If find myself now more than ever as my life evolves, dedicating my every moment to Parkour, early in the morning as the sun rises, long before most have risen, my friend greets my for another adventure. Late at night, most are asleep, the moon and stars watch over me, i move through city playground, silent, still, free.
Why? because i choose to.
I am also eternally grateful to the Martial arts- All my life i have immersed myself in the fires of the arts, only through thousands of repetitions have i come to know myself, and the spirit of the thing itself. Capoiera is a fairly new art i have thrown myself headfirst with reckless abandon into. So steeped in history.In the Roda David Kelso ceases to exist, i am the Jaguar, i am the ghost, beauty, rhythm, movement, the music takes you, the energy of it, the beat, the dance, the fight, the expression. Only the moment is left here, no past no future, just the moment, just the kick that's coming, just you evasion and your own leg shooting out all on its own, the music takes you!
The surf- For this force of nature i am so grateful, for so long i have wanted to do this, and now i have begun. To the element of water itself i have always felt a drawing to, i see it in the ones i love most, the calm, the peace and power. Here riding the waves, i feel connected in some deep way, unspeakable by words, pure bliss. My journey here is just beginning, but i know it will also be a great one.

My point? Whatever is happening around about you, in your life situation, your passions are always there to cradle you, they are you best friends and teachers, they will teach you everything you ever need to know, immersion, dedication, live them!

The adventure awaits.......

live it

David Kelso


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