Friday, April 06, 2007


Bob Proctor, one of the philosophers on 'The Secret' is quoted as once saying-
'Everything that happens in your life, without fail, without exception, is moving you towards your dreams'

I think this is a beautiful belief, If you really begin to think about this, to transcend thinking about it and really feel it with every part of you, to live it, it is life changing.

When you live this it doesn't matter what happens, even seemingly negative things you experience, you can have absolute faith , that everything without exception is moving you in the direction of your dreams. It is a warriors job to find the positive in everything!
Living in this way automatically shifts you vibration to a positive one, no negativity can enter here because you are refusing to focus on it, so therefor it doesn't exist, you are looking for and focusing on the positive and that is what you will bring to life, this is as i have stated before, being the calm within the storm, being the warrior.

Others around you may be focusing on the negative, and be blind to positive, they may try to convince you to 'face reality'. What reality i ask? You create your own reality, there is no reality independent of the observer, once you start to choose to find the positive, to focus on, to have absolute faith that EVERYTHING is moving you in the direction of your dreams, then that is what is.

Know what you want, believe in it, and let go, here you will attract all the experiences you need for its manifestation, don't judge what comes to pass, just believe its moving you forward, look to the positive and that is what you will see.
For some, knowing what they want is the hardest part, it requires you to look inside, it takes courage. Trust that even if you don't know what you want, it will reveal itself to you one way or another, you will either keep having experiences of something until you take notice, you will have that feeling of being drawn to something from inside, that feeling to take inspired action, that intuitive urge, again it will keep repeating until you take notice. Or you may be guided by noticing what you don't want, this is good, just don't focus on it. From a transcendental view point there is no duality, no good and bad, but in this case contrast can serve us, by realising what it is you do not want, you can see clearly what you do- positive in everything- remember!
I believe that our dreams, our desires, the true ones from the heart come from our true higher selves, our spirit, super-consciousmind, they exist for a reason. So even if you are not aware of what you want, your spirit is, be alert for that nudge from within.

A great friend and teacher of mine once said to me-
'Look inside, find out what it is you want, because it wants you too'

I suggest the same now, to you.

The adventure awaits.........

Live it

David Kelso


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