Thursday, April 19, 2007


Merry Christmas everyone!
OK has Kelso gone nuts? its the middle of April and this crazy fool is wishing us merry Christmas????
Nope its not Christmas day, and that is exactly my point.

Why do we limit ourselves to celebrating this great gift of life to only specific days? Christmas, new year, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, weekends, Easter?
What about today? what about this moment?

'But Kelso, these times are different, i get to spend them with loved ones, i get to enjoy myself, to be playful, to smile, to laugh, to relax, to take time to myself, to eat good food'

Yes all true, but cant you do that everyday? cant you laugh, cant you smile, relax, take time to yourself, be playful, connect with people, open yourself to life every single moment? And if you enjoy spending time with the people you love so much, why don't you do it more instead of one day a year? Why wait? we only have this moment.

The Truth is you don't need any external conditions to celebrate this great gift of life you have been given, if its sunny embrace and enjoy the sun fully, if its raining, embrace and enjoy the rain fully, embrace fully this moment, for its all you will ever have. There is a calm centre within you, it is pure joy pure happiness, it cant be shaken, unless you let it, by external conditions that you perceive to be bad, nothing is bad.
Things may seem trivial , people go through life as if its a chore, never experiencing the joy of every moment, celebrate it!
I take great joy in alot of things people would view as trivial, the sunrise, looking at the stars on a clear night, every muscle straining rep of every exercise, lying on the cold ground exhausted and soaked with sweat after a Brutal workout, sitting doing nothing not thinking (some people call this meditation!!!), Holding the hand of the person i love, looking into the eyes of the person i love, simply just breathing- Life in every breath
I celebrate it all!!!!
I don't mean you need to cartwheel down the street grabbing passers by and shaking them in excited energy screaming 'I just had a breath! how awesome! how amazing!' Although this can be fun sometimes too!! But its the silent celebration within, to feel that pure feeling of joy, to appreciate you very existence.
Nothing is Trivial in this life, if you feel it is, i suggest you re-read my article on Gratitude, re-read the inscription on Brandon Lees grave. If you knew this was to be your last moment of this life, how would you treat it different? If you knew that this was the last moment you would get to spend with someone you love in this life, how much more would you savour the moment? how much more would you open yourself to them? would you still save telling them you loved them for one day a year? Or embrace this beautiful moment? what if you knew that this would be your last time to move your body in vibrancy, in action, in this moment? Or the last time to feel the breath of life and energy coursing through your body?
You don't need to dwell upon 'what ifs' But my point is nothing is trivial, enjoy every moment as if its your last, realise the beauty and magic of every moment.
The reaper may be waiting on your shoulder, but so is the magic of life, waiting for you to embrace it, i say screw the reaper, he will take you when hes good and ready, not before and not after, so don't worry about anything, theres magic to be felt, now!

Go watch a baby, every moment is magic unfolding to them, adventure, joy, they live for the moment, this is your natural state, go and find it!

Celebrate life 25 hours a day!

Happy new year!

The Adventure awaits......

Live it

David Kelso


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